What to eat in Los Angeles ~ rooftop, instagrammable restaurants, cafes and more!

Before I went on my first trip ever to LA, I had no idea what I wanted to eat. Also I found it quite difficult finding places that seemed instagrammable, aesthetic, and my style. So here are some of my favorite spots so far.

Brunch near Hollywood

If you are ever looking for a great place that has delicious brunch, a wide selection of desserts, and a great ambiance, check out Republique.

While brunching at Republique, I was quite surprised by the fast pace style in the restaurant. Even though there was a long waiting line, it went by very fast. As you enter the restaurant, you’ll be introduced to the huge dessert display. Also before entering the restaurant, they will ask you to check their menu using the QR code since you’ll have to order your food before sitting down. After looking at the dessert display, you can order desserts or wait until you arrive to the cashier to order your food. They are very fast pace, so don’t take too long looking at the menu.

After ordering and paying for your meal at the cashier, they will give you a number to display at your table. They told us to find our own table which I didn’t mind because I really wanted to sit at their iconic communal table. There is a variety of seats to choose from but the most popular seats are in the main room which has a cool french inspired medieval interior decor. I will be honest with you, it’s quite an expensive place. I wasn’t expecting to be cashing out almost a hundred bucks for some brunch, coffee, and dessert (for 2 people). But I guess you’re paying for the ambiance too.

If you want to see more of this restaurant, check out my “What I eat in a day in LA” video on my Youtube. Also don’t forget to give it a like and comment.

Hanging out with the Bestie!

If you’re ever looking for some great places to eat lunch or dinner with your besties or even your significant other, then gurll I gotchu.

Tu Madre

If you’re looking for an aesthetic place with some bomb ass Mexican tacos and breakfast burritos, check out Tu Madre. They have four locations opened in LA, but my favorite would be the one in West Hollywood. They have an instagrammable outdoor patio that is great for photos and the ambiance.

The prices were quite reasonable and they had a variety of meat and plant-based tacos. Also if you’re craving a dessert, they offer some delicious red velvet churros. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try their churros but I was quite impressed by their tacos and non-alcoholic horchata. Sadly, if you have seafood allergies then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything off the menu, since they fry and cook all of their meats in the same place as their seafood. We tried to ask if the chef could accommodate for my friend who has seafood allergies but they told us they couldn’t due to their cooking area. I do wish they could have tried to at least use a separate pan of some sort to cook the food away from the seafood but I guess they are not used to having customers with seafood allergies.

I highly recommend all of the meat tacos. I did try a plant-based taco and it just wasn’t for me. It lacked flavor (compare to the meat tacos) and the texture put me off. I think if you are vegan, then it probably wouldn’t be a problem for you. I honestly want to go back to Tu Madre whenever I have the chance. 🌮🌮🌮

Lady Byrd

If you’re looking for a light meal and a vintage feminine ambiance, I would go for Lady Byrd.

Lady Byrd is not too far away from Echo Park. If you’re taking the public bus, you can just take one of the DASH buses up the hill and it takes about 6-8 mins to arrive to the cafe. When I first found out about Lady Byrd, I was so captivated by their cute green house decorations. You can choose to either sit at one of the green house tables, outdoor patio tables, or inside the cafe. Of course I had to go for the green house tables even though it was a bit hot outside.

The food was pretty good and it hit the spot. They had food options from pasta, pizza, panini, vegan burgers to even breakfast dishes. My personal favorite was the smoothie even though it was bit warm. If you’re looking to check this place out, make sure to go on a weekday since it is very competitive and the line can be long.

If you want to see more of Lady Byrd, check out my recent video “What to do in LA”. Don’t forget to give it a like and comment. 🙂

North Italia ~ pizza & beach

If you’re heading towards Santa Monica beaches and roaming around the area, don’t forget to check out North Italia.

If you’re looking for some authentic Italian food, check out this place. Honestly I cannot forget about their pizza and charcuterie board (aka chef’s board). It was so good!!!!! Also my Italian bestie approved it too. There’s honestly a huge difference between American Italian pizza versus authentic Italian food and THIS pizza was a great example. You might think fig on a pizza seems strange or weird, but guuurllll it was astounding. We did not even leave crumbs!

Luckily North Italia is a short walk away from Santa Monica Pier, so you can enjoy a delicious meal and then enjoy the beach view. Also this restaurant has both indoor seatings as well as an outdoor patio. Honestly outdoor seatings are quite common in Los Angeles.

If you want to see more about Santa Monica, check out my Santa Monica beach vlog. Also don’t forget to give it a like and comment.

I hope you find some places to enjoy in LA and let me know if you went to any of the places I recommended. Also I do have both a food and personal instagram, so go check it out.

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If you don’t know, “summer with me” is a series I have every single summer where I upload a week worth of summer related content. This year I focused on my LA vlog trip, summer fashion, and makeup.

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