Summer vibes READY!! ft Urang

Oh summer! I love summer weather, ootd, and vibes. This summer has been very different from previous. Most of us are staying home, practicing social distancing, maybe eating too many snacks, and marathon-ing shows on Netflix. I know for sure I am. All of this has definitely made me let go more of my body. My body care is literally a ZERO. Sometime I forget to even put body lotion on. * don’t judge haha *

This year I’ve been experiencing more body and neck acne then I’ve experienced before. I feel like a few reasons could be my hair care, lifestyle, and climate factors. Sometimes I will apply some clay or soft masks on my neck to help with the breakouts and hyperpigmentation. Of course, whatever skincare I put on my face, I will apply on my neck too. This didn’t seem enough, so I was really intrigued when I found out Urang was coming out with some new soaps. 

Photo from Urang website

There are 4 different kinds of soap but two of them are new additions, Artemisia Green and Trouble shooter. The other two soaps are Sweet Honey & Milk (new packaging & name now), and Rose Garden (new packaging & name now). Urang’s Handmade soap are cold pressed (CP) soaps which are manufactures for 6 weeks by Urang CEO Jina Lee. 

photo from Urang website

There are different ways of making soaps. One is HP which you dry the soap for 2 weeks using 60 degree heat, second is MP which you melt the soap base and add fragrances/color, and moisturizer to harden the mold. Lastly, it is CP which has a manual process of drying period over 4 weeks with 40 to 45 degree heat. 

I got Trouble shooter soap since it seem the most effective for body acne and break outs. It contains Content Heartleaf, Perilla, Tea tree leaf oil, olive oil, coconut and palm oil. These ingredients help cleanse your skin and reduce troubles, redness, and acne. Urang recommends this soap for oily to combination skin types but dry skin types can use it as well if they need some soothing. These soaps can be used on both your body or face. I personally prefer using it on my body since I need help more there. 

I find the lather really nice! It feels very comfortable and smooth on the skin. I was surprised how nice it felt. It’s been a long time since I’ve used bar soaps since I always go for body wash. Also, the shape and texture of the soap is so unique. I can tell a lot of effort was put into it. I haven’t seen a difference yet with my skin but I will have to use It more often. I will definitely update you again after using it for a longer period of time. 

Do you use bar soaps or body wash? Also would you try out the new or upgraded Urang soaps? Leave me a comment~ 🙂

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** side note: These products were gifted by Urang through the Urang supporters program. Of course, my opinions & reviews are completely honest!!


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