New Skincare Alert!! Urang Blue Power Ampoule

New Ampoules Alert!!!

So many brands these days are coming with new releases and my wallet can’t handle it. Haha. Not too long ago, Urang renewed their pink everlasting ampoule, and they hit us with two more releases, Yuja vita ampoule and blue power ampoule. I was shook!! 

First of all, let’s look at this beautiful color. I thought the Blue oil serum was captivating but the new ampoule catches my attention more. You may see similar ingredients between the oil serum and ampoule, but there is one ingredient that had me mind blow. This new ampoule contains a whopping 92.6% of opuntia humifusa flower extract. Opuntia is great for stimulating new cell growth, calming inflammation, provide anti-aging properities, fading wrinkles, and brightening your skin. 

The texture is a bit milky but not thick.  After applying it to my skin, I noticed it had a very hydrating but smoothing finish. It gives my skin a nice natural glow. Also, it absorbs nicely into the skin. After I was introduced to opuntia ingredients through Huxley skincare, I became fond of it. So of course, when I realized Urang new ampoule has a high concentration of opuntia, I had to try it. 

What do you think of opuntia? Does it work for you? 

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** side note: These products were gifted by Urang through the Urang supporters program. Of course, my opinions & reviews are completely honest!!


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