Benefits of Yuja Skincare ft Urang Yuja Vita Ampoule

What is yuja?

Have you heard of yuja or citron? It’s a citrus fruit commonly found in Northern east Asia such as Korea, Japan, China, and Tibet. In Korean it is called Yuja. This fruit is commonly used in tea mixture of sugar, honey, and depulped or thinly sliced yuja. Then add about 3 tablespoons of tea in hot water to dilute it. It’s great tea when you feel sick with a cold, have a sore throat, experience digestive problems or just want a sweet hot tea. 

What are the skin benefits of yuja?

Not only is yuja great for the body but it’s benefical for your skin. I remember a couple years ago, so many Korean brands came out with their own version of yuja skincare. When you add yuja into skincare, some perks are high concentration of vitamin c, anti-aging properties, and collagen production stimulation. Since it contains a large amount of vitamin c, it will help with brightening the complexion, evening out your skin tone, and fading hyperpigmentation. 

New Yuja Skincare ~ Urang Yuja Vita Ampoule

Recently, Urang released their new ampoule which immediately caught my attention. I am a sucker for anything that helps with brightening my complexion and fading hyperpigmentation. This ampoule is a milky texture that absorbs nicely into the skin. It contains main ingredients such a yuja water, yuja essential oil, and alpha-bisabolol (brightening ingredient). 

I was surprised by the milky texture and consistency. Even though it may look thick, it felt really comfortable. Have you used any yuja skincare? What do you think about it? 

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** side note: These products were gifted by Urang through the Urang supporters program. Of course, my opinions & reviews are completely honest!!

Urang is now available on Amazon!

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