Ways to use a face mist (ft Urang perfect daily mist)

Why should we use face mist?

Face mist are a great for refreshing your skin, providing hydration, balancing your skin oil production, and keeping your makeup revived.

Ways to use a mist?

1. The basic way

During the day, whenever you feel like your skin needs some refreshment, give yourself a few sprays. It will help moisturize your skin and make it feel less tight as well. A great mist I like to use is the Urang Perfect Daily mist. It contains neroli aka bitter orange flower which helps regenerate your skin and maintain elasticity to your skin.

2. After Showering

Most people make the big mistake of letting their skin dry after showering which can cause troubles. After stepping out of the shower, our skin will feel a bit dry from the steam. It’s best to apply some mist right away, which gives your skin a break before applying the rest of your skincare. If you want some extra moisture, you can alway add some Urang oil serum into your daily mist to create your own cocktail face mist.

3. Mask

Believe it or not, applying a bit of some face mist right before applying a face sheet mask helps your mask essence absorb more efficiently. I really love using the Aqulabo Jelly Mist since its purpose is to use before applying a mask.

4. Summer Heat

Finally, if you are sensitive to the summer heat/sun, face mists are great for soothing irritated skin. Spray it on both your face and body if irritated or needed. Also if your makeup is starting to cake up because of the heat and air conditioner (or heater in the winter), spray it on top of your makeup. It will freshen up your look while soothing your skin from environmental irritants. Try out face mist with some rose water such as Heimish Bulgarian Rose water OR Urang Organic Rose water.

Which face mist are you currently using?

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** side note: The Perfect daily mist was gifted by Urang through the Urang supporters program. Also the other mists were PR I received, but I’ve used them for a very long time now. Of course, my opinions & reviews are completely honest!!


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